SRX The Game Madison Lake Motorsports Park

SRX The Game Madison Lake Setups

Madison Lake is an important track to master as it is a Showcase race to impress the third tier sponsor, Eibach, during your career. If your curious, find out who the best sponsor is in SRX The Game. Here are the setups for Madison Lake Motorsports Park that we have setup or found.

305 Sprint Setups for SRX The Game Madison Lake Motorsports Park

We guarantee our setup for Madison Lake is not the best. This is a tough track for us. We haven’t found a way to run the top so the fastest way round has been on the bottom for us. Consistency will be key but it is hard to run any specific line once you get into a heat or feature. We found ourselves just trying to hold on around the bottom as close as possible. We got lucky with a 6th place finish in the A main but that was just due to a couple cautions which allowed us to get some nice jumps on the restart and sneak by on the inside. There is definitely room for improvement here! Do you have a better setup? Let us know.

Setup #1 – 11.216 Lap Time

Setup by:

Late Model Setups for SRX The Game Madison Lake Motorsports Park

We have 2 different Late Model setups to share that we found online. We haven’t run either of these yet so give them both a try and see which one works best for you.

Setup #1 – No lap time documented.

Setup by: Larry Andrus

Setup #2 – 11.0 Lap Time

Setup by: DarnellOffroad86



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