SRX The Game I-19 Speedway

SRX The Game I-19 Speedway Setups

We have multiple SRX The Game setups for 305 Sprint Cars and Late Models. We have yet to run the late model setups in our career but have tested out the 305 Sprint setups and shared some details below.

305 Sprint Setups for SRX The Game I-19 Speedway

We found Highside Mike’s 305 Sprint setup and started with it. No time was posted with his setup so we went into practice not knowing what we should be shooting for. Our car is not fully upgraded yet and the best time we ran was a 9.986. We tweaked the gearing and that along with a nice smooth lap gave us a fast time of 9.681 running on the high side.. We went on to finish 12th in the A main with our slightly modified setup from Highside Mike.

Setup #1 – No lap time documented (We ran a 9.986 with our car that isn’t fully upgraded.)

Setup by: Highside Mike

Setup #2 – 9.681 Lap Time

Our own slightly modified setup from above.

Late Model Setups for SRX The Game I-19 Speedway

We haven’t tested any of these Late Model setups in our SRX career yet. We’ll add more information with future updates.

Setup #1 – No lap time documented.

Setup by: Larry Andrus

Setup #2 – 9.234 Lap Time

Setup by: Brodey Kropuenske

Setup #3 – 9.3 Lap Time

Setup by: RED4424



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