Who is the best sponsor in SRX The Game?

If your running a career in SRX The Game, you might be curious which sponsor is the best one to go with? Starting off you don’t have many choices but as you impress more at the different Showcase races through the season you will gain a few more options, if you race well that is.

When we look at the 4 different sponsors available, they show us what their initial payout will be and then how much their payout will be per race. So you have to do some math to figure out the total amount of cash you’ll end up getting from the sponsor.

Who is the best sponsor in SRX The Game?

You would think each sponsor would be a little better since they expect slightly better results from you as you progress each showcase. That is where you would be wrong. While the best sponsor overall is Edelbrock, you will find the middle two sponsors are flipped when it comes to who is best if we’re looking at total payout over a season, although the difference is small.

Take a look at the numbers below to see what the total payout from the 4 different sponsors would be through a full 27 race season.

LakeSide Media – $5,800 up front, $2,100/race (27 x $2,100 = $56,700) – Total Payout = $62,500

Racing Optics – $4,400 up front, $3,200/race (27 x $3,200 = $86,400) – Total Payout = $90,800

Eibach – $46,400 up front, $1,600/race (27 x $1,600 = $43,200) – Total Payout = $89,600

Edelbrock – $39,400 up front, $3,500/race (27 x $3,500 = $94,500) – Total Payout = $133,900

As you can see, the 2nd tier sponsor Racing Optics will net you an extra $1,200 more than the 3rd tier sponsor Eibach over the course of a full season. However, one reason you may choose to go with Eibach is their large upfront payout which should help you get you car upgraded a little more early in the season. Doing that should help you finish better which will get you more money overall from race payouts. The $1,200 difference shouldn’t be too hard to make up with race winnings. As we wrap up our 2nd season and enter our 3rd, that is probably what we will do. Unless of course we can secure Edelbrock as a sponsor! Good luck with your career and be sure to check out our SRX The Game setups.



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