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We’re sim racers just like you. While some people may really enjoy the aspect of figuring out a custom setup for a race car, we’re not all talented crew chiefs that know what spring rates do, or whether we should go up or down on the track bar. Some of us just want to jump right in and enjoy racing. Take an existing setup that gets us close and play around with it and learn from it instead of starting from scratch. We get that, and it can really stink when you have to spends tons of time searching the inter web for setups, watching videos and listening to all the details of the setup when you just want to print off the details so you can get your car setup and start turning laps.

At Best Sim Racing Setups we want to help get you turning laps competitively as fast as possible. So as we spend hours and hours searching for setups for games we play we go the extra lap and compile it all here on the site to share with our fellow sim racers. Our goal is to create a go to source for all kinds of racing game setups.

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All the setups are free. We don’t charge for anything on our site. After all, if you want to spend the time, the information is out there to find for free already, we’re just pooling it all together in an easier to find collection. If this helps you and you want to support us, visit some of our affiliates and check out some new sim racing gear. Any purchases you make may result in a small commission for us. That helps us cover the cost of running the site and the time we spend posting everything up for you guys to enjoy.

Using our affiliate links doesn’t cost you anything additional. Be sure to accept cookies on the affiliate’s site to ensure they know you came from Best Sim Racing Setups.

Thanks for visiting our site, we appreciate any support you may give.


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