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SRX: The Game

Over 100 setups for SRX: Superstar Racing Experience The Game. Including setups for 305 Sprint Cars, Stadium Trucks, Late Models, SRX, and Super Late Models.


Fast setups for the Xtreme Dirt Series and NASCAR Truck, Xfinity, and Cup Series.

Tony Stewart’s
All American Racing

Setups for Street Stocks, US Legends, Late Models, and Bog Block Modifieds

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do you collect and post all these racing game setups?

Our goal in gathering up all these setups and providing them in one spot is simple. We want to help others get the most enjoyment out of these racing games, spend less time searching for setups to help make the game fun and more time turning fast laps!

Where do these racing game setups come from?

All the setups we provide we find online in a number of places. Facebook groups, Reddit, YouTube Videos, Forums, etc. We try to give credit to whoever we find the setup for, obviously the individual posting the setup that we see may not be the original creator. Some setups are our own that we have tweaked and dialed in for our own driving style.

Why can’t I get the same lap time as what the setup says?

With racing every driver is different, the driving line you use, how fast you enter a corner, how quickly you get back on the gas coming out of the corner. All those things and more come into play when trying to turn the fastest lap. Getting the right setup is just the beginning. It also could be a difference of what controllers you are using, a racing wheel and pedal allow for much smoother driving that a traditional controller most of the time.

Are these setups for PC, Xbox or Playstation?

Most of these setups should be cross platform compatible. While most all the original sources of these setups don;t specify what they are playing on, all of our testing and experience is based of experience with the PC versions of the games.

Do you charge anything for the setups?

Nope, they are free for you to use. Some of the links we may provide in various reviews or articles can be affiliate links. We may receive a small commission from any sale you may make when buying from these affiliates. That commission helps cover the costs of running this website.